We believe in NZ manufacturing. We believe manufacturing here is still the best way to get you the exact product you want with the best quality, and we believe it can still be done at a fair price.

We offer a manufacturing service as well as making and selling our own products.

Take a look and let us know how we can help you.

Serious Incinerators - Fire Ban?? No Problem! 


Originally designed and made by Newman Engineering, we jumped at the opportunity to take on this great NZ product when it was offered to us.

Built to last and conforming with the now redundant NZS 5202:1979 Standard - our Serious Incinerators are extremely popular with farmers, horticulturists and lifestyle block holders nationwide.

We offer our incinerators in 3 sizes, small, medium or large. Optional extras include Spark Arrestors & Ash Guards.

Standard sizes:

Small ~ 600mm diameter

Medium ~ 750mm diameter

Large ~ 900mm diameter

Animal Shelter & Pen

The perfect all seasons shelter to protect your miniature horse, or small to medium animal, from the elements. These shelters also have a solid built in floor up off the ground to get your animal out of the wet in the winter months.

You can also add the pen for appetite management / night time lockup.

Shelter Size: 1.5m Wide x 1.8m Long x 1.4m High

Pen Size: 1.8m long x 1.5m wide, fence height 1.05m

Our Services.

We offer manufacturing services to suit your requirements.

From design right through to finishing, we can do as much or as little as you require.

Our in-house expertise covers the fields of General Engineering and Carpentry. For anything outside our particular expertise we can most likely still help through our contacts.

We will work with you to match the right methods and technology to making your products. For smaller runs and simple designs, that may mean everything done by hand the good old fashioned way. For larger runs or where the design necessitates it we can incorporate things like CNC processing and tube lasered fabrications.

About us.


We are a family owned business, based in Northland, that still believes manufacturing in New Zealand is viable and is the best way to ensure our clients consistently get their products on time, made to the high quality level they expect and at the agreed price.

Toyota Landcruiser Deck 


Developed in conjunction with Compass Trailers.

A solid flat deck built for a solid vehicle. This deck is built to complement the hardworking reputation of the Toyota Landcruiser.

Contact Compass (0800 464 266) if you want a great flatdeck for your Toyota Landcruiser

Iron Tree Team


Made from Corten weather steel and thick mild steel our heavy duty Serious Incinerators are built to last.


The lid safely latches back to the chimney when loading up your Serious Incinerator.

After use and once all has cooled down, the ash can easily be shovelled/scraped out through the large access opening at the base of the front of the Incinerator.


In most cases, with the addition of the optional Spark Arrestor & Ash Guard you can use your Serious Incinerator as an ‘approved incinerator’ even during a restricted fire season without a fire permit.

(You just need to double check with your local authorities to ensure this is the case in your area. If you are in/near town or near a forest there can be further restrictions).


Built on skids and with a towing loop for easy movement to a fresh patch of ground every day.

Completely collapsible kit set, with no tools needed, makes transport easy and helps keep freight costs down


  • Fully Hot Dip Galvanized Frame and Pen
  • Strong 18mm plywood floor over steel SHS frame
  • Cladding and floor have been stained for hygiene and durability
  • Colour Steel Roof


If you need to contain your Mini or manage their appetite this pen is a great way to do it. Just big enough so they won’t go hungry overnight, but also won’t over-eat .


Precision laser cut parts welded together in-house here for accuracy and consistency.

Fully hot dip galvanized frame will outlast the vehicle.


Heavy duty steel RHS frame with 40x40 SHS headboard, folding side and tailboards.

The decking and sideboard in-fills are TransTex hardwood truck decking ply.


We have a simple system enabling us to keep the big spare wheel locked away underneath the tray, leaving the deck completely uncluttered and free for your use.

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